Lenten Meditation: A Prayer of Relinquishment

We humans have a problem with wanting to be in control, don't we?  To yield our will to another human is risky...will they follow through? Do they really have our best at heart? Or are they all about their own self-interest?

Harder still to surrender to a God who allows hard...even impossibly horrible things...to enter our lives.  He doesn't seem to play by our rules, does He?

But I am struck by Jesus' prayer from the cross.  It reveals a lifetime of surrender to His Father,

Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.

I reflect on His prayer just a few days earlier,

Not my will, but thine be done.

Many have followed a young mom who prayed that same prayer as she walked out her death for the past several years...leaving a devoted husband and four young children behind just the other day. A hard "why?" enters our minds.

But the wonderful thing was that Kara Tippetts "lived while she was alive."

Read her story here on her blog Mundane Faithfulness.

As I think of Christ's final prayer, I ask myself,

What am I hesitating to relinquish? How about my "All"?  Nothing held back!

What might you be hesitating to relinquish? Your all, holding nothing back?

Let's think about that and we'll talk again.