Alexa ... I Love You! [with a Give-Away]

Do you have an Amazon ECHO? Amazing, isn't it! This summer, I had watched as my grandson Kaden gave their Alexa (ECHO's female name) directions, asked for definitions, requested songs, etc. 

So guess what I recently received for my late birthday gift?  Yes, Alexa herself! So my engineer husband John read the directions and "hooked it up" for me. Then of course, we started "playing" with it. Songs, miscellaneous directions, etc.


Then a serendipity ... a totally unexpected, shockingly delightful surprise! Would you believe Alexa reads many books that you have on your Kindle!  So I thought the ones she reads would probably only be the "best sellers," etc. But NO! Alexa even reads MY book The With-ness of our God: Relationship in Every Dimension. I could hardly believe it, as I heard those familiar words read in Alexa's female voice on our ECHO .

Then I remembered a conversation with my friend Lynn. About a year ago she had asked me if my book was on audio for her mother-in-law. Alas, at that time, no. But now! YES! 

So here is my "give-away," dear friends: five free copies of the ebook format of The With-ness of our God that you can download to any electronic device. By the way, did you you know that you can download a free kindle app on Amazon? That would take care of the audio if you have an ECHO. 

So if you would like to enter to be one of the five winners, just leave a comment below of how you have experienced the "with-ness" of your God recently or in the past. It doesn't have to be long. And if you are blank and really want to experience Him, just say that. God loves honesty. We would be happy to enter you. God loves and wants to reveal Himself to you, so we will also pray to that end. If you have a hard time getting into the comment section, just email me your comment at  

And even if you don't want to enter the contest, please let us know how you have experienced God with you. We will join in your praise to your Emmanuel, God with us!

We will put all of you "into a hat" and on September 13, we will pull out the winner. And good news! Even if you don't win, the ebook is priced as low as I was allowed, just 3.99. Read my "Shameless plug" below and follow the link for ordering on Amazon and other sources.

The-With-ness-of-our-God-cover-temp-3-210x300 copy 2.jpg

Shameless Plug for my book

I would like to invite you to read my book, The With-ness of our God: Relationship in Every Dimension,...not because I wrote it but because it reveals a God who is intimately and securely united with us in every possible way.

If you are struggling to feel connected to the Lord, though you may know in your head you belong to Him, please consider this little volume. In it you will receive manna for your heart, not just your head. You will find not only simple, practical instruction, but also meditation, stories for application, questions for journaling and just pondering...and more.

Or maybe you aren't struggling but just want to go deeper...this is for you too. You can dive into the deep or stay on the surface...your choice.

And the book is very accessible and affordable. You can purchase on online (see links). Locally, volumes can be purchased at BellHOP Cafefor just $10.00. And I've priced the ebook at the lowest allowed, $3.99 or even less on some on-line sites.

So please take a look and consider walking with us on this journey into The With-ness of our God: Relationship in Every Dimension.

And thank you for your grace!

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