Ancient Words, Ever True!

Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O LORD, God of hosts. Jeremiah 15:16

I love these words of Jeremiah.  God's Word is "so delicious," as my friend Penny would say.  I gratefully consume it as my daily manna.

My Love Language is "words."  So when God's Word is "highlighted" by the Holy Spirit to my heart, I feel loved.  That's when I experience Jesus' words to be true again and again:

My sheep [continue to] hear My voice and I know them and they [continue to] follow me. 
John 10:27 NASB

My soul is "warmed" when the Holy Spirit speaks through those ancient, yet ever-present, words to my heart. And this reminds me of one of my favorite Gospel stories of the resurrected Christ with His disciples (Luke 24).

Two of His followers were walking together on the road to Emmaus from Jerusalem on resurrection day. A Stranger began to walk with them. Unbeknownst to them, it was their Lord Jesus Christ. They were grieving and confused at the death of Jesus . . . they didn't understand that He would rise from the dead. And so this Stranger began sharing the Scriptures with them that spoke of the Christ and His death, burial, and resurrection. It wasn’t until the intimate activity of eating together later that their eyes were opened to know their Companion as their resurrected Lord.

And they said to one another,

Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?
Luke 24:32 NASB

And so, dear brothers and sisters, may you be "warmed" as you listen to this old but ever new song, celebrating the gift of God's Speaking voice in the pages of the Scriptures. And may we all be encouraged not to neglect, nor take for granted, the precious words from the mouth of our God found in the Bible.



Holy words long preserved
for our walk in this world,
They resound with God's own heart.
Oh let the ancient words impart

Words of Life, words of Hope
Give us strength, help us cope
In this world, where e'er we roam
Ancient words will guide us Home.

Ancient words ever true
Changing me and changing you,
We have come with open hearts
Oh let the ancient words impart

Holy words of our Faith
Handed down to this age
Came to us through sacrifice
Oh heed the faithful words of Christ.

Holy words long preserved
For our walk in this world.
They resound with God's own heart
Oh let the ancient words impart.


We have come with open hearts
Oh let the ancient words impart

We thank Thee, O our Speaking God, for Your amazing gift of communication to us Your children...through the Living Word, our Lord Christ by His Spirit and through Your written word, the Scriptures.