Learning to Let Go: a Continual Lesson for Me

"Letting go" is a lesson I need to continually learn. While on this earth, my "people helper" self tends to go too far by jumping in to rescue and fix. Or I take on grief too deeply because of the wrong choices of loved ones, and such grief tampers with my soul-stability.

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How can I tell, you ask? For me, it seems that my blood pressure spikes out of its usual normal range. Maybe it's the Lord's signal to me that I have started carrying a burden that's not mine to bear.

And that's where I am again this week. So I visit my dear sister Tresca's instruction in the previous post, Letting Go: a Healthy Detachment. And I take to heart her wise words.

But what do I do to correct the path that I'm now on? I return to what solves the burdensome turmoil I feel. I see and hear and follow the Lord as we climb together this mountain called "life on earth." I've shared this image several times before, right here on A Branch in the Vine. But I personally needed to visit it again at about 3:30 am this morning. Would you like to join me there?

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I have this recurring image.  It began in worship one Sunday years ago.  I was struggling emotionally about some issue.  Then out of the blue, I had a sense, not a literal vision, but rather a picture in my spirit.  The picture was of Jesus and me climbing a mountain.  He had me by the hand and was carrying a "Santa-like" sack on His back.
Suddenly He stopped climbing and turned to me saying, "We can't go up any higher until you throw that burden you are carrying into my sack.  You need to let ME carry it!"
So I threw it in!  And oh, the JOY and peace...and we kept climbing together!
Now often when I'm struggling with an offense, a disappointment, a slight, a rejection, an urge to rescue, whatever, I see and hear my Traveling Companion, my Guide, my Empowering Savior say, "Okay, Jan, let it go! Throw it in! We can't go any higher if you don't!"
And when I throw my burden in Jesus' sack, freedom and JOY flood my soul!  Then we can go on climbing hand in hand together. Why?  Because...
...the JOY of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10
How about you?  Do you have a burden that you weren't meant to carry?  Throw it into Jesus sack!  Do you have a relationship that you are trying to fix? Let it go and give it to Him. Return to JOY and keep on climbing hand in hand with Him!
Lord, take me higher and higher in my experience of YOU and all there is of Your Fullness! 
The world has a downward drag! 
But I cling to You, rejoicing in my Risen, Indwelling Son of God!  Amen!
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Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:6-7 ESV