"For Such a Time as This" ... for Dayton and Beyond (nothing is too small)!


Dayton, OH experienced 15 tornadoes rip through our area on Monday night. To say we are all speechless is an understatement! But it is amazing to see people coming together in beautiful and sacrificial ways to help each other recover.


Some of those amazing people who have jumped right in to help are our son and daughter-in-law, Jeremy and Cortney, and our grandsons Evan and Carter. But they are not alone. Many of their friends with their children have joined in wherever needed.


Cortney has been faithful to share on Facebook what is going on and what some of the needs are. Here is one of her most encouraging posts. So if you are wondering what you can do in this crisis situation right here and now, please read on and then check out the links following the post.

And also be encouraged by the truth that you are gifted by your God to use what you have (not what you don’t have) to show forth His love in a tangible way to the people and the situations in your own personal life on this earth.

In Cortney’s own words:

I’ve had so many people tell me they feel guilty for one reason or another- have toddlers at home, can’t find babysitters, strapped financially, work full time. I want all of you to know, God has given each of us very unique gifts for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). If we all could do the exact same thing, so many needs would go unmet. No one wants me near a running chain saw! 

I saw a woman passing out water bottles to volunteers, she had ONE 12 pack and that was it! She blessed 12 people that day! She walked through the debris to find us while cars with flats of water bottles drove through the neighborhood giving bottles to volunteers near the side of the roads. I almost started crying! She met an important need!

I had a friend apologize because they could only give one large can of premixed baby formula. But a mom is thankful tonight that she can feed her baby. She met an important need.

I have friends who work full time and have helped financially. They helped important needs.

I have watched elderly women count and sort diapers while us “youngins” hauled in the heavy boxes. Those ladies met an important need.

I watched a chain saw worker stop and talk (and listened) with a devastated home owner, for over an hour. He met an important need.

As I was in complete awe watching the neighborhoods working beautifully together in an amazing fluidity amongst the rich and poor, the skilled workers and young kids, the strong and weak, young and old I couldn’t help but find joy in each and every moment. At the end of the day, God knows our hearts, He has created us exactly how we are and our abilities. Nothing is too small! 💕😘 He calls us simply to love.

This is far from over and you will have many more opportunities to use your gifts. Allow God to guide you, be creative, think outside the box, what are your talents? What are your gifts? You are needed! 😘💕 and if you need someone in your corner, I’m here!

Thank you, Cortney!

And God bless … Amen.


Here are links to sites for tax deductible donations that will all go back into the community.

Please pray for the Dayton area.