God's Voice (Author Unknown)

Many voices come at our minds, day after day. Some of those voices come from the world around us, through our 5 senses. But then there are those inner voices. Where do they come from — our own thoughts? the voices of others within?

Discerning all those voices, within and without can be tricky. But believe it or not there was a post on Facebook recently that certainly helps. Since many of you may not be on Facebook or you may not have seen this there, I decided to share it here at A Branch in the Vine.

Please pass it on if you feel it is helpful, and jump right in (comment) with your own observations, thoughts, discoveries to help all of us who seek to “hear His voice and follow Him” day by day (cf John 10:27).

And if you know (or ARE) the author, please let us know here. Thank you from all of us. Amen.

God's voice.jpg