He Holds the Keys because He is the Key

As I was walking one day, listening to a mixture of songs on my ipod, one of my old favorites by Steve Green came on, He Holds the Keys.  This song dates back to the era when Steve was singing big songs about our big God! It was also during the time that I was beginning to experience Jesus as my Life in a deep way!

In a recent post, we talked about how Jesus Himself is the key to the Christian life.  I think this song reflects that glorious truth.  Why not reread that post, and then listen to this powerful song as if for the first time...and maybe it is for many of you.

Death rides blackened clouds across the sky
The Son of man lays down to die
With every pounding blow upon the nail
Thunder rumbles all through hell
And from death's barren womb the captives cry
Who is there to free us should He die

His grave becomes a door, He enters in
To face the author of all sin
Defying death and the grave He takes their keys
And with them every captive frees
And from death's barren womb the captives cry
Arise for our redemption draweth nigh

For He holds the keys
He holds the keys
And though we've been held captive
At long last we are free
For He holds the keys

Against the gates of hell I now resist
For the shackles that had torn my wrists
Lay before me now upon the ground
To sin I am no longer bound
For from death's barren womb He heard my cry
And loosed the chains that bound me to a lie

And to all the things that have kept you away
That keep you defeated day after day after day
The heartache that nobody sees
That eats at your soul like a cruel disease
He who set the captives free
It is He, it is He who holds your keys