Hebrews: Viewing the Light of the World

glass igloo
glass igloo

A friend on facebook posted this picture of thermal glass igloos to view the Northern Lights in Finland.  Isn't that a fun, amazing thought?!  I just had to share it on my wall with the caption "Field trip, anyone?"  I was just kidding, of course, but I was shocked at how many people commented, "Count me in!"  "Me too!"

Here in the Dayton, Ohio area, it began snowing this morning after rush hour got going.  So we thought it the wise thing to cancel our afternoon Bible study in Hebrews because of impending road conditions.

bible and tea
bible and tea

As I settled in to enjoy my warm, free day at home, I thought of those igloos to view the Northern Lights.  How much better, as I grab my cup of warm "something" this winter afternoon, to view the Light of the World from my warm "igloo" of God's Word.

Would you like to join me?  If so, here are some other passages to meditate on as we rest for another week in the glorious first chapter of Hebrews:

John 1

Colossians 1

Then in connection with the first warning of Hebrews 2:1-4:

Matthew 13 -- especially the parables of the wheat and the tares, and the sower and the soils


See you next time!