JESUS in Present Tense, Today, Right Now

first posted 2024:

 You are wound up tight!

So says my doc in relation to my blood pressure spike.  So unusual for someone who, all her adult life, has had BP below normal.

So again a wake-up call...this non-procrastinator needs to stay in the present...with her Present Tense Lord!

I Am

I Am

My Lord Jesus Christ is a Present-Tense Person, the Present-Tense God!

The great Jehovah...the great I Am!

The Present-Tense "God made Man," Emmanuel.

The fullness of bodily form!

He knows what it's like to live in present tense!

And He always lived it in present tense with His I can too, because He lives in me and through me, as me!

He is forever the indwelling I Am...

Living Water for my thirsty soul right now,

the Bread of Life for my hungry heart in this moment,

the Light of my world today,

my Good Shepherd for this situation,

the Resurrection and the Life for my present "deadnesses,"

the Way, the Truth, the Life for the path I take right now,

the True Vine in whom I am now abiding...

He Himself is my indwelling Peace, my ever-present Joy!

So I bathe myself in HIM and His Words.  I sink myself down in Him who is in me...I rest in Him, and I am set free!

Shepherd and sheep

Shepherd and sheep

I embrace you, O Jesus, in my Today. Teach me to be able to look ahead, even plan, without "going there" as if it all has to be done TODAY, right NOW.

Enable me to rest in YOU for this moment, this today, knowing tomorrow's today will hold Your awesome, indwelling Presence just as surely as my right here, right now!

I rest in YOU, my indwelling Present-Tense, Living Lord JESUS Christ!

So bring it on...