Memes ... Food for Thought

My grandson Kaden just received his first smart phone. He is so excited! And so we have been having some fun texting back and forth. One of the topics that has come up is memes and how much he loves memes. What is a meme, you might ask? (I had to look it up myself). My original impression was that it was a visual with a superimposed verbal message. However, it turned out to be a too limiting definition. 

But with my limited definition in mind, I had made a couple memes awhile ago (and then promptly forgot how to do it). Anyway, here they are. I love them because they contain key truths that I have clung to for a long time. And they also have photos taken at different times when I have been able to walk in my favorite place, the beach in Belmar, New Jersey.

Enjoy them with me, dear friends, and the truths they express.

Here's my first one:


Sometimes it takes us awhile to come to the end of our self-will and self-effort, doesn't it?

Lord, I surrender to your Lordship in all the circumstances of my life. Thank you for being the Rock of stability when things seem out of control. Deliver me from trying to figure it out to fix it on my own. In the name of my Savior and Redeemer Jesus. Amen. 

And now the second:

It's too easy to try to rescue others from their problems, especially our children. The scary thought is that we may be getting in God's way in their lives. 

Lord, deliver me from a "Messiah complex." You are my Savior and Deliverer and that of my loved ones. Enable me to discern when You want to use me as your hands and feet and mouthpiece in another's life, and when they need to walk out a situation with You Alone. amen.