Mystery of Christ in Colossians: Filling Week

Have you ever been so filled with joy that you could hardly contain yourself?  Maybe it was an invitation, the birth of a baby, an unexpected gift, a promotion, a random act of kindness...whatever it was, it showed all over your face.  It was heard in your voice and put a lilt in your step! Have you ever been so filled with grief, sadness, despair that you thought you couldn't go on?  Maybe it was because of rejection by a significant person, a death of a loved one, a life-threatening diagnosis for yourself or, what is often worse, for your child or spouse.  It was  hard, if not impossible, to "put on the happy face" and go on.

That's what our emotions are like...up one minute and down the next...and oftentimes with good reason.  But if they control us so that we base what is TRUE on how we feel, we can become very unstable, to say the least.

In the book of Colossians, God through the apostle Paul, tells us that we are filled.   And this filling of His has nothing to do with our emotions...although if we really "get it" and live there, it can affect our emotions on the deepest level possible.  But the wonderful thing is that if life is happening and we feel numb to it all, it really doesn't matter as far as this glorious FACT is concerned.  This filling is TRUTH!

What is this filling, you ask?

It's all wrapped up in the Mystery* of Christ!  WHO He is and WHAT He is to us! As you read through Colossians this week, you'll see this word mystery in Colossians 1:25-27; 2:2-3; 4:3.

Grab some colored pencils or crayons, your Bible, or a print-out of Colossians (see link below).  Mark the key word mystery with a distinctive color.  Make note of who/what this mystery is.

Then mark the words fill, filling, full, fulness (in chapters 1&2).  Be sure to pay close attention to Col 2:9-10.  In the NASB, the word complete in verse 10 should be translated full (it's the same Greek root as fulness in verse 9).

Then if you really want to explore some more, look for and mark all, every, everything, and synonyms (also in chapters 1&2).

See you next time.  We'll pull thoughts together then, when we look at the Mystery Revealed.


*The church father, Ireneaus, pointed out that the chief difference between orthodoxy and heresy is that orthodoxy is rooted in paradox and mystery, while heresy is usually rooted in clarity and precision.” David Roper, Teach Us to Number Our Days, p 278

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GLORY to YOU Steve Green

What do I possess That You did not give to me What mysteries are clear to me That You did not explain When did I share Truth I had not received from You What good works have I performed That you did not ordain

Chorus: Any strength I have, any good I do Comes from the life I found in You So in all I am And in all I do I give the Glory to You

How do I express My love and my gratitude For all I am and ever will be All depends on you Where in the world would I be Had you not reached out to me All the good I have in life Can all be traced to you


From the strength to obey Your word when I hear it To reaching out in love It's all a gift of the Holy Spirit, Coming from above


I give the glory to You