God's Coloring Book: Praying & Reflecting in Colors

In my last post, we reflected on living our life in full color rather than in muted and dulled shades. I also shared an amazing song discovered as a delightful "God-wink," God's Coloring Book.

So in keeping with the theme of color and our spiritual walk with the Lord, I would like to share some possible ways to use color to help nurture our souls.


The first way is called Praying in Color. I found a treasure of a book by the same name on an obscure bookshelf of my favorite bookstore.* In it there are tips for expressing yourself in prayer by using colored pencils, crayons, or markers and a journal.  So you don't have to be an artist to do this.

Here are a few photos to give you some ideas. The first two are from the book itself and are largely abstract; the next few are from my journal. They are not abstract, but I sometimes do abstract when praying for an individual .

Why not give it a try for yourself. And if you would like to share yours, post it in the comment section below. 

praying in color
praying in color 2
A prayer for peace and protection for travel

A prayer for peace and protection for travel

A day's prayer for fruitfulness in ministry 

A day's prayer for fruitfulness in ministry 

The second idea is using meditative coloring books.  Taking the time to color a page that has Scripture or other spiritual truth creates a restful atmosphere. Add some instrumental hymns and praise music, and you have a lovely "place" to meet your God. 

Here are a couple coloring books that I found at Sam's Club for under $10. I'm posting some pages to give you an example. (One of my pages is in process.)

2Cor 5:17

Last, I would like to share a sweet little book I also found at Sam's Club. It's called Doodle Through the Bible. I can't wait to use this little volume with my grandsons when I share Bible stories with them. I also think it could be meaningful and enjoyable for us adults to try our hand at a bit of drawing as we explore familiar Scripture stories.

Here is the book along with an example of a page (appropriately John 15, the Vine and the branches).

John 15 Doodling

I can't resist posting again the amazing video and song "God's Coloring Book."

But before I do, I want to encourage you to watch for my next blog post. LeighAnn Phillips, a young artistic friend, will be sharing how she uses color and drawing to help her meditate on the Scriptures. Her artwork is breathtaking. Don't miss it. You will be blessed.

*The Booksellers, Austin Landing, Dayton, OH