To my Brother on his 60th Birthday

Dearest Conrad Happy 60th birthday!  This is a momentous occasion.  I know people might say that 60 is the new 50, but I'm sorry, 60 is 60!

I remember when I turned 60, I thought to myself,

Oh my gosh!  Daddy died at 60!  I still feel I have lots of living left in me!

And I know you do too!

Now by God's grace in your 60's, you too will be receiving each day as a gift to be embraced more fully than ever before.

And so that's my prayer for you, dear brother -- that you will fulfill God's purpose for your life everyday that you walk on this earth.  It's all gift...and it's all grace...and so are YOU to all who know and love you.

With love & admiration always Your big sister Janet