Prayer: WHY Pray?

WHY?  But WHY?  Often this is the most confusing and heart-rending of all questions. Why?  Because it is very often unaswerable...and that's the rub!  Why represents our helplessness in the face of life in a fallen world, doesn't it?

The last question in our study begins with this word, Why?

Why does the Lord want to be invited into our "stuff?"

 Despite the dilemmas that this word often represents, there's no dilemma here.  And it's all because of one little word -- a beautiful, wonderful word!  And the same word is found in each of our three stories.  Let's take a look:

1.  The Boat Story Prayer

When the disciples realized who Jesus was, as He was ready to walk past, they received Him willingly into their boat.  Then the Bible says,

He got into the boat with them. Mark 6:51

And then, of course, He calmed the storm and took them to the shore.

2.  The Road to Emmaus

When Jesus was ready to keep on walking, the disciples urged Him, saying,

Stay with us...So He went in to stay with them. Luke 24:29

3.  Jesus Knocking

Jesus pointed out how miserable, poor, and naked the self-sufficient Laodician believers were.  But then He told them whoever opens the door to His knocking,

I will come in to him and will dine with him and he with ME. Rev 3:20

Did you see it? with!

Oh that wonderful word, with!**  How I love it!  What that little word says to my heart is that Jesus wants me to experience Him with me at all times, in every situation.

That makes me think of my mother-in-law, who is in a retirement community.  In recent years, she has had to move into increasing levels of care.  Despite the excellent care and the loving attitudes of the staff, the residents there are often lonely, truly needy, and pathetic* (in the truest sense of the word).

It's hard to go visit!  When we go, we can't help but see many searching, "hungry" eyes...looking for someone to just be with them!  And when I take my young grandsons there, many of the "seemingly dead-inside-people" come alive!

Friends, we are all, in reality, needy, weak, lonely, and pathetic*...but Jesus loves us anyway.  He wants to be with us in our stuff!  Are you experiencing the intimate with-ness of your Savior in your life and circumstances today?  Invite Him!  Urge (desire) Him!  Open to Him!  He's there!


Further study and meditation:

Do you ever feel like the Lord is asleep in your boat?  He's in the situation, but He's silent.  You are playing the waiting game!

Take a look at another boat story in Mark 4:35-41.

Though you may be going through what feels like the "Dark Night of the Soul," find comfort...He's there and in control.  (And remember God's timing is it was on the road to Emmaus!)

Thou art the Lord who slept upon the pillow, Thou art the Lord who soothed the furious sea, What matters beating wind and tossing billow If only we are in the boat with Thee?

Hold us quiet through the age-long minute While Thou art silent and the wind is shrill : Can the boat sink while Thou, dear Lord, are in it; Can the heart faint that waiteth on Thy will?” — Amy Carmichael

*pa·thet·ic/pəˈTHetik/  Adjective:  Arousing pity, esp. through vulnerability or sadness.  Miserably inadequate. Synonyms:  touching - piteous - moving - pitiful - pitiable

**for the 3 Greek words translated with see "Caught in the Web."  Each has varying degrees of closeness.