Findings in the Files



"It must be here somewhere!" "I knew we still had that!"

"Oh, wow! I forgot all about that!"

"Look at this!"

...and similar expressions have been ours as we've started tackling the ever-constant, hanging-over-our-heads-for-years project -- OUR FILES!

By the time John & I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1976, we had developed quite a filing system.  From education files to engineering files to Bible and Theology files, we had drawer upon drawer filled.  Then we added years of files from Bible teaching and ministry, home schooling our own children, preschool teaching, ESOL teaching, GED teaching, etc. etc.

filing cabinet

filing cabinet

Needless to say, the thing has gotten out of control.  We haven't even looked at much of it...for YEARS!

So we decided, after years of feeble attempts to get into the cabinets, to tackle the job for a couple of hours each weekend.

Some treasures have emerged.  I thought maybe you might enjoy some of them with me.

So the next few blogs will be some treasures buried in those voluminous stacks.  I hope you will laugh, cry, and/or be blessed by these...findings in our files.