A Love Song to Jesus

A Love Song to Jesus

When my husband John and I were seniors at the University of Arizona, the Carpenters were at the top of the music charts.   We embraced them as our group who sang our songs as we were "a-courting."  Their mellow sound and rich melodies fed our romantic feelings toward each other and toward life in general. At our wedding, we danced to, you may have guessed it, "We've Only Just Begun." Lyrics like "White lace and promises, a kiss for luck and we're on our way" made it the perfect song to start out a new marriage...or so we thought.

But as the years have rolled by and reality and maturity have set in, so has the realization that the romantic expectations of youth are so unrealistic and can only truly be fulfilled by an Almighty God.

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Sandpaper & Polish: Reflecting on a 46 year Marriage

Sandpaper & Polish: Reflecting on a 46 year Marriage

I wasn't going to even write an anniversary blog this year ... I'm tired, blank, with nothing new to say. I merely posted our picture on facebook, thanking God for the godly man He gave me, calling it an "anniversary." Then it came -- a realization as I was praying this morning, this day that commemorates that life-changing commitment 46 years ago. 


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From John: "Yep, the Best Yet, #44"

Dearest Jan, Today we have been having some fun listening to a song that you and everyone else at Kroger were humming this afternoon, The Longest Time by Billy Joel. Some of the words of that song speak to me about our relationship over the years.

Nov 27, 1971
Nov 27, 1971

If you said goodbye to me tonightThere would still be music left to writeWhat else could I doI'm so inspired by you

(That hasn't happened for the longest time) ... Yes, there were times when neither one of us was inspired by other, probably even the opposite in some instances. But I have learned so much from you about our relationship with Christ that I am inspired by you to search and experience more.

And the greatest miracle of allIs how I need youAnd how you needed me too

(That hasn't happened for the longest time) ... Yes, there were times when we were quite distant emotionally from each other. But over the years we have drawn strength and support from one another during the hard times and now we are reaping the benefit in working together rather than against each other.

Now I know the woman that you are

(That hasn't happened for the longest time) ... And probably never will, for what man can truly say he understands the depths of his bride. But I have lately come to truly appreciate who you are more than I could/should have in the years past.

In The Longest Time, there is some question as to the eventual outcome of the relationship. However, you and I have a favorite song that speaks to an enduring and endearing relationship, which I am looking forward to sharing with you in whatever years we have left. In fact, you may have blogged about this song on previous anniversaries, Holding Hands by Steve Green.

I think you ought to know thatI intend to hold you for the longest time, John

Through the 44 years...the best of all!

Through the years...ups & downs...round & rounds...coming close, then staying away...forgiving and being forgiven.  All of that and more...but now in our 44th year of marriage, an ok-ness, and acceptance, a mutual supportiveness once an elusive dream.Nov 27, 1971 So yes! the 44th has been the best of all!

Maybe Robert Browning's saying really is true,

Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be.

So this is for you, my darling husband, John Charles Loyd. Thank you for it all!

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Our wedding get-away car...one of many VW's

wedding VW2wedding VWs cavalcade

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