The Rest of the Gospel: Doublecross, Part 1 {you died in Christ}, chapter 3

Chapter 3  Doublecross {you died in Christ} Key Verse: For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3 NIV

Key Question: When & where did I die?

Read the chapter and explore these questions:

1. Why is Christ dying for us only fifty percent of the gospel What is the other half?

2. Why is the first half of the gospel insufficient for us to live the Christian life?

3. What happens when we try to live the Christian life on only half of the gospel? Tell the group what that experience has looked like in your journey.

4. What is the difference between sins and sin? Why is the difference critical to our understanding of the gospel?

5. Why does death end our relationship to sin?

6. We know what happened to Christ on the cross. Explain what happened to you on the cross. What significance does that have for you living the Christian life?

7. How is that we died with Christ and yet are still living? How would you explain someone’s death with Christ to them?

8. What was the old man? What happened to the old man? What significance does that have for you as a believer?


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