The Rest of the Gospel: Song of the Week {God and God Alone}

awesome God
awesome God

Years ago when I was still raising my children, I struggled with my health.  There was little known at that time about the mysterious symptoms I suffered. Because of that, it was hard to find anyone to believe me.  I felt alone, judged by God and man, and despairing.

It was then that God's love broke through to me.  I began to know HIM as my LIFE, not just as Someone way out there...throwing down a little help now and then if I asked correctly.

This song was popular in Christian circles in those dark days.  God used Steve Green's big songs about a big GOD to help lift me out of depression into His marvelous light and LIFE.

Worship Him with me:


God and God alone

Created all these things we call our own

From the mighty to the small

The glory in them all

Is God’s and God’s alone.

God and God alone

Reveals the truth of all we call unknown

All the best and worst of man

Can’t change the Master’s plan

It’s God’s and God’s alone.


God and God alone

Is fit to take the universe’s throne

Let everything that lives

Reserve its truest praise

For God and God alone.

God and God alone

Will be the joy of our eternal home

He will be our one desire

Our hearts will never tire

Of God and God alone.