The With-ness of our God: Relationship in Every Dimension

The With-ness of our God cover temp 3
The With-ness of our God cover temp 3

Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WestBow Press, and others. But first read what others are saying:

This incredible book by Jan Loyd is not a quick read…it is not a fluffy feel-good book…it is a powerful interactive book that pulled me into the truth of God’s word. To glean the fruit available within its pages, I needed to take my time in order to engage in meditation, reflection, journaling, application, and worship. This is such a powerful book because the author has built into its structure the opportunities for individual growth and personal experience – it is a text, a workbook with prompts and study questions, and a doorway to capturing my thoughts on paper.Jan does a masterful job of interweaving personal experiences, song lyrics, and metaphors with rich Bible studies and deep dives into solid theology. The book takes the reader from making biscuits and chocolate orange cake; to a walk in the vineyard and enjoying an ocean sunrise; to the life, salvation, sanctification and redemption found in Christ. Don’t miss this spiritual journey.I have a little plastic, blue boat on my office desk…once you read this book you will want one too. As I begin to walk the Appalachian Trail this summer, I plan to join Jan’s Sunrise Club and I am putting a few handwritten notes from this book regarding courage and St. Patrick’s Breastplate in my backpack. Jan’s insights will provide me (and you) with powerful truth in times of loneliness and adversity.Little words like prepositions will never be the same after an encounter with this book. These powerful words of motion, movement, and rest communicate the truth of the gospel with such significance. Jan’s insights provide wonderful windows of nuance into familiar passages of scripture. I highly recommend this book for a personal read, a group study, or a Sunday school class…but before you pick up this book, be ready to be pulled into the exciting reality of God’s word. David Rough, Ed.D. Academic Dean Dayton Christian School System

I was so blessed when I read the study that Jan Loyd has written on the “WITH-ness of our God”. It came at a time when I was weary in my spirit. I was so refreshed with the heart of the study, which is that God wants to be with us. Jan helps the learner to discover so clearly that God not only wants to be with us but He is always for us and lives in us as believers. In her study, she helps the student of Scripture capture the message of the spiritual rest that we can only have in Jesus Christ. I wholeheartedly encourage all believers to do this study. You WILL BE BLESSED! Dr. Wayne Barber Senior Pastor, Woodland Park Baptist Church Former teacher, Precept Ministries Chattanooga, TN

We have been blessed by Jan’s book, and her deep commitment to explore the depths of these ‘prepositions.’ What a gift to the body of Christ! Jan’s humble approach in this work will not only touch your heart, but I predict will help transport you (by His Spirit) to a remarkable place of meditation and devotion to God’s Word for you and yours! When you and I find ourselves in those blessed places, we are often given, by His grace, moments of insight and understanding that are not only refreshing, but are also pieces of our continuing transformation. Please join me in thanking the Holy Spirit for His leading in the inspiration and development of this book. God bless you, Jan, and thanks! Pastor Jim DeJonghe Soul Winners for Jesus Christ Dayton, Ohio

God used the truths in this study to open up a deeper understanding of what I have been given in the person of Jesus Christ, and how that understanding works itself out experientially in my daily life. Jan takes deep spiritual truths and makes them very personal and accessible to those whose hearts yearn for the deeper things of God. Let this study lead you to the richest treasure of all that we already possess–Christ Himself, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Kathe Bricker wife, mother, Women’s Bible Study leader Patterson Park Church, Dayton, Ohio

This study changed the way I read and study Scripture. Jan shows how these seemingly insignificant words we call prepositions are relevant and packed with meaning. She takes her love for grammar and combines it with wisdom, insight, and experience to bring God’s Truth to life in an easy to understand way. Cynthia Travis wife, mother, sister in the Lord homeschool mom

This study is like worshiping for me. It’s about our relationship with, in, and through Christ. Jan has been a friend and mentor to me for over 20 years. She has a way of speaking God’s word that has brought me and many more to maturity in Christ. She once said to me, “If Christ isn’t speaking, I have nothing to say.” Amen. Shirley Wharton friend, student, and sister in Christ.

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