There's Something to say for Caring and Commitment -- 45 Years Together

Marriage is a curious thing ... each year can be very different than the one before. This has been no less true for us and this, our 45th year of marriage.

An interesting year, this 45th. It began with my 91 y.o. mom's home going (so hard!); then the publication and launch of my book The With-ness of our God (so exciting!); and in February, retirement ... for both of us (the jury is still out!)

john & jan -- LBI '16

Smooth sailing at first, then upheaval over a home renovation project going south, house in total disarray because of the work being done ... feeling like never ending. On top of it all, the "new normal" impossible to find.

And so at times, caring and commitment have kept us going. The indwelling Christ who is our Stability and Strength doesn't abandon us.

Thank you, Jesus, that it never depends on our faith but Your own.

The 45th year is coming to an end with a 93 y.o. mother (John's) in the process of dying; the house still in upheaval and unfinished.

But with the stable, great I AM as our King...even when John & I don't like each other very much. 

So we struggle on this year ... celebrating, though differently. 

But all the while hoping in HIM who is the Anchor for our souls! 

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.
Hebrews 6:19 NLT


love is caring even when angry

Oh, by the way, since I posted this first just about a week ago, John's mom peacefully passed into the arms of her Savior (praise His holy Name!).

And John has added his own, now yearly, addendum to my traditional wedding anniversary blog. He says,

Notice who is holding the umbrella!

Not terribly romantic, but what more can I say?