This "branch" is basking on a beach!

Taking a break...I'm on the way to the New Jersey. Yes, I'm a Jersey Girl and revisiting my roots with extended family "down the shore."

I'm resting in my Vine...

practicing what I preach...

trusting Him to restore my soul as I abide in HIM...

and refresh my body as I walk on the beach, drinking my Dunkin' Donuts coffee,

talkin' to HIM and meditating on His Word...

so I can hear His voice and keep on followin' HIM!

Thank you, Lord, for family and the Jersey shore!


Life as a Branch Perhaps one of the most profound things I am learning about abiding is that it never takes you out of the moment you are in! …Abiding is not primarily about cloister and quiet. The invitation to abide is the invitation to draw spiritual sustenance directly from its Supernatural Source amid the dailiness of life!  [even on vacation!] …If we abide, fruit happens! We do our part, but there is a life that flows up through the roots and branches that is beyond our ability to understand or produce! Abiding is and always will be a moment by moment thing. [even on vacation!]

Discipleship Journal via Kathy Godwin (thank you, Kathy!)

I'll see you in a couple of weeks...blessings!

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PS Photos from our family reunion:

August 4, 2012