TODAY...a Meditation and Prayer

You belong to me, and I belong to You, TODAY, my Jesus.

You live in Me, and I live in you, TODAY, my Lord.

You abide in me, and I abide in You, TODAY, my Vine.

You save me TODAY and always, my Savior, and You save me right NOW, my King!

You are my I AM, now, TODAY...AND FOREVER!

Living Water for my thirsty soul right now,

the Bread of Life for my hungry heart in this moment,

the Light of my world today,

my Good Shepherd for this situation,

the Resurrection and the Life for my present "deadnesses,"

the Way, the Truth, the Life for the path I take right now,

the True Vine in whom I am now abiding...

You are my indwelling Peace, my ever-present Joy...TODAY, my Lord and King Jesus Christ!

Live through me TODAY! Love through me TODAY! Serve through me TODAY!