When the Unfolding Gets Hard

Today the "Unfolding Fullness" of God in my life just got hard . . . not hard like cancer or broken marriage or wayward children- type hard. It was the stress of my plans being rearranged- kind of hard. Now I love spontaneity when it's MY spontaneity (a.k.a. my own change of plans). So today didn't start out well . . . until my husband John reminded me, "It's His Unfolding Fullness." 

Oh yeh, there is something about practicing what I preach that gets me every time. And I'm thankful for that! The Holy Spirit keeps me on the path of following my Shepherd no matter where HE leads . . . even through rearranged plans.

And I'm sure by the end of the day, I will be more than glad for HIS way rather than my own.

You too?

Sheep and Good Shepherd