Hebrews: Cocooning Again!

GOD IS IN CONTROL!  Even of the weather in Ohio! So here we are for another week...reading and meditating...trusting in God's timing.  There are no mistakes with Him, and so I have to believe even our decision to cancel wasn't a mistake.  Thank you, Lord!

So for our Snow-Day Students of Hebrews:  We are again resting in the glorious first chapter of the epistle, and chapter one of Hoping for Something Better.

Here are some suggestions for this week of study if you already have your homework done:

  • Why not read through the book of Hebrews with colored pencil in hand.  Mark every time you come to a reference to Jesus as our great High Priest...there are many!  You can also summarize what is said about Him in each of those references, if you care to.
  • Also with colored pencil, read through marking the word "better."  Jot down what Jesus is better than.
  • Explore the study in the next post (coming soon) on our Great High Priest seated at the right hand of God.  Make a list from what you see in Scripture and from your own meditation on the benefits to you personally because Jesus is seated at the Father's right hand.
  • PRAY FOR GOOD WEATHER FOR NEXT FRIDAY!  We are "hoping for something better!"  :)  Don't give up!