Time to Vote!

Thank you, dear readers, for your input a few blogs ago I want to tell you the reason for my request.  I'm planning to enter some of my writing in the Writers' Digest Annual Writing Contest (spiritual, inspirational category).  I feel like this may be a door from the Lord...the info about it came to me.  I didn't seek it out.

However, because there is a fee for each entry, I thought I might ask for help narrowing down what I send in.  So here are the few blogs that seem to have surfaced as contest potential :).

If you have time and inclination, would you "vote" on the one(s) you like best?  You could rate them 1, 2, 3, ... (with 1 being the best).  Or just pick one or two.

By the way, when they are submitted, they will have been revised slightly to sound more like an article than a blog.  And I won't be able to include pictures :(

A Word of Salvation [This one will be revised as "Lost & Found"]

Embracing My Today

Choose Your Face...Change Your Day

Remembering Jesus' BIRTH-day

Walkin n Talkin...

Thanks so much, dear friends, for taking the time to read and evaluate!  I treasure your input!  Blessings!